Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs | KS Creative Design Studio | Kate Secondo

There are so many incredible offerings out there when it comes to podcasts for female entrepreneurs.  Today I’m sharing 3 of my favorite podcasts for creative small businesses!  I love these podcasts because the hosts are SO generous with their information, I always learn something new from SEO tips to the latest on Shopify, and they are also fun to listen to!

I love listening to small business podcasts in the mornings when I’m walking my dogs, in the car when I’m in Mom-Taxi mode, or sometimes even while I’m working.  These podcasts are so relatable and informative.  I look forward to each new episode of these!


Duo on Air Podcast

Duo on Air Podcast Review | KS Creative Design Studio

A weekly, bite sized SEO podcast for small businesses that is absolutely packed with information.  From Instagram tips to SEO to website improvements, if you are a small business owner looking for SEO strategy, this is the podcast for you! 

The information is presented so concisely, and the hosts make everything so easy to understand.  I walk away from every episode with new ideas to implement for myself and my clients.  It’s amazing the amount of value this SEO podcast offers in 15-20 minute episodes.

Product Powerhouse

Product Powerhouse Podcast Review

Product Powerhouse podcast is an amazing resource for Shopify store owners and Shopify designers.  Erin graciously shares her expertise in designing Shopify stores, optimizing Shopify stores for SEO, marketing your Shopify store, and more.  She also has on really inspiring guests who are successful online retailers and asks them thoughful questions about life as an online entrepreneur.  

If you are bootstrapping your business right now, Erin offers tons of value and DIY ideas for improving your online visibility and marketing to the right customers.

As a Shopify designer, I love hearing the interviews from small business owners to learn more about how they are leveraging Shopify to be successful.

Highly recommend this podcast for all product based entrepreneurs!

Making Good Podcast

Making Good Podcast Review

Making Good is a small business podcast for people who want a business that makes them money, makes them proud, and makes the world a better place.

This podcast is so comprehensive!  It covers a bit of everything from business mindset to small business strategy.  Recent episodes talk about getting started with Facebook ads, marketing mistakes to avoid, and a fabulous mindset episode about getting out of your own way.  There’s even a book club!

While this podcast is geared toward product based businesses, specifically handmade, I think any business owner can really benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the host, Lauren Tilden, shares in each episode.

And there you have it!  My top 3 best podcasts for small businesses.  I love these female focused, generous, and fun podcasts for learning more about running my small business and keeping up with trends.

What business podcasts are your favorite?  I’m always looking for new ones to add to my list.  Leave a comment if you have a good one to share!