Vintage Typewriter for Blog Article on Good Website Copy

Your website copy – the text and words on your website – is sometimes the most overlooked part of website design.  Your colors, fonts, logo & design are important to consider when creating or updating your website for sure.  But don’t forget to consider the impact your website copy has on contributing to your brand identity.  You can have the most beautiful website design in the world, but if you don’t speak to your audience in the right way, you won’t convert those visitors into clients.  Great website copy brings greater ease and abundance into your business by doing lots of the heavy lifting for you!  Here’s some of the top ways your website copy can get you more sales & make your day-to-day as a business owner much easier.


Good website copy attracts the clients you want, and repels the ones you don’t.

Website copy written with a specific audience in mind resonates with your desired people the most.  A strategic and thoughtful approach makes your ideal clients feel like your website was designed just for them (hint: it actually was!).  They will feel comfortable with you and what you are offering.  Good website copy shows your visitors that you understand what they need, and can provide solutions to their problems.


On the flip side of that, thoughtful website copy designed to attract a certain type of client, will also repel the types of clients you DON’T want to work with.  They naturally won’t resonate with what you are saying, and likely won’t reach out to you for more information or to book a service.  And that’s a good thing!  Think of the time, effort, and honestly, headaches you will spare yourselves when the less-than-ideal client is gently guided away from your site because of intentional website copy that doesn’t quite click with them.  They move on to someone else, and you are spared the nightmare client or difficult relationship that sucks up so much of your precious time as a business owner.


Strategic web copy saves you time (and time is money!).


24/7, 365 – your website is up and running, ready to accept visitors from around the world, the ambassador and hub of your business.  It’s the online home of your brand, the first touchstone of your products and services for many people.  Having intentional, well designed website copy is like having your very best and most dedicated salesperson working for you around the clock.  It should answer common questions, elegantly describe your services and goods, and hype your brand in the best way possible.

If you find yourself innundated with client messages asking the same questions over and over again, revisit your website copy.  Chances are there’s a place to improve it and do better.  Setting it up once on your site can result in hours saved replying to customers and possibly losing sales.


On a similar note, if your site analytics show that customers are bouncing on a certain page, or leaving things behind in their cart, use that information to dig into why.  Then, add or revise your website copy to address the issue and enhance your visitor’s experience.  Get them to stick around longer to learn more about you, inquire about a discovery call or make a purchase.


Thoughtful website copy helps visitors learn more about the personality of your brand.


Good website copy should match the vibe and personality of your business.  Whether you are formal or casual, potential clients should be able to know that by visiting your website before they ever speak a word with you!

Set the tone for potential interactions with your website copy by making sure it simply reflects your brand essence.  Don’t fall into the trap of stuffing your copy with keywords or too much industry jargon – instead just be yourself and let the words on the screen mirror the way you would talk about your brand in person.  Customers love to feel “in the know” or be shown a peek of the business behind the scenes, so let your words take them on an adventure into the personality of your brand.  This enhances the personal connection that is sometimes hard to achieve online, and it also ensures that you’re attracting clients who are aligned with your core mission and values (see point #1!)


Writing good website copy is an essential piece of designing websites that will be successful and convert.  I work with my clients to guide them to a better brand understanding and provide templates for creating website copy that they can use with their brand voice.  Other times, I refer them to a professional copywriter, who can do this all for them!  Whether you are DIYing your copy, hiring a pro, or somewhere in between, these tips for good website copy are relevant.  Remember that just like everything else in business, the 3 T’s apply: Try, Test, and Tweak ’till you get the desired results and feel good about it!