Minimog Shopify Theme Review

Minimog Shopify Theme Review

I recently worked with a new client in her Shopify store, making some updates and adding functionality within the Minimog Theme.  This was my first experience with this Shopify theme and I will admit, I was a bit wary because it’s not available in the Shopify Theme store and it’s also very affordable at $75.  Suspicious!

However, I quickly grew to absolutely love this affordable Shopify theme, and would highly recommend Minimog for Shopify merchants looking for budget friendly, easy to use Shopify theme that’s loaded with features and easy to customize.

Here are some of my favorite things about this versatile, easy to customize affordable Shopify Theme:

Minimog Shopify Theme Review

Pre Designed Shopify Layouts

For DIY Shopify store owners, this may be the best feature of this affordable Shopify Theme.  Minimog offers over 70 pre-designed layouts to choose from that are already set up for you – all you have to do is replace their text and images, and you are all good to go!

Of course, if you are looking to step outside of a templated & cookie cutter Shopify store, there are sections to add Custom Liquid and Custom CSS to each page, right from the theme editor, making it so much easier than toggling back and forth between the “Edit Code” area of Shopify and the Theme Editor.


Lots (and lots and lots) of options for the product pages


Product Page options for Minimog Theme for Shopify


Check out the image above – a screenshot of the Product Page in the Minimog Theme editor.  Look at all those options for the product page!  You can add so much more beyond the basics of title, price, description and “Add to Cart”.  Options for custom fields, a stock counter, the ability for your customers to upload an image, Shipping info, and so much more.  All can be dragged and dropped in the order that makes the best sense for you and your shop.  Brillant!


Theme Updates included for Life

Shopify is evolving and growing a lot right now, with the introduction of 2.0 themes and more design flexibility, improved page speed and more capabilities making store management easier for its merchants.  Minimog Theme is keeping up just fine and releasing updates as needed to stay current.  When a new update is released, all merchants using the theme have access to it – for free.  In the 4 months I’ve been using Minimog, they have released 1 update that has been easy to install and was packed with new features and improvements.


As a Shopify website designer and developer, I have absolutely loved working with the Minimog theme.  It’s easy to add and implement advanced customizations, css, and coding to really make this theme unique for each of my clients who are using it.  I can see how valuable it would also be to a DIY Shopify store owner looking for a flexible, fast Shopify theme to give their store a modern and cohesive look.


Highly recommend checking out Minimog if you are in the market for a new Shopify theme!

Choosing the appropriate theme for your Shopify store is essential.  Minimog may be a perfect fit, or you may be better off with one of the many wonderful choices in the Shopify Theme Store.

Think of your theme in terms of the features it offers, and focus less on the look and feel.  A good Shopify designer can make your design wishes come true and add code to any theme to make it look totally unique and custom!  Interested in working together to build your perfect Shopify ecommerce store?  Check out my Shopify web design offerings here.