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Company Name

Gimme Threads


Print on Demand (POD)

Project Type

Etsy to Shopify, Shopify Web Design for Print on Demand, POD integrations




Create an on-brand Shopify store that seamlessly connects to the client’s POD service for order fulfillment.

Gimme Threads is a print on demand (POD) brand selling personalized clothing and coffee mugs.  Already experiencing success on Etsy, this brand was ready to diversify.  The result was a new Shopify ecommerce store on their own domain, with a big focus on developing the brand identity.

This store offers products in many different size and color variations. Special coding was used to get around Shopify’s variant maximums while still presenting 100+ options per product in a way that was eye pleasing and easy to navigate.

Additionally, we developed integrations to manage orders being fulfilled by several different print-on-demand fulfillment centers, as well as in house inventory.  Most orders in this shop are sent directly to the printer, and updated with shipping information when sent out all automatically, without the store owner needing to manage any part of the process.  This frees up much time for the owner do do more of what she loves, designing cheeky and relatable shirts & mugs that people go crazy over!