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Squarespace redesign for Acupuncture Business | Website design for acupuncture clinic
Color Palette for Acupuncture Business Squarespace Website Design
Web Design for Acupuncture Business | Websites for Holistic Businesses

Company Name

Bedford Acupuncture


holistic health services

Project Type

website redesign




redesign current Squarespace website to better reflect Bedford Acupuncture’s brand identity and attract ideal clientele.

Acupuncturist and business owner Elisa reached out to me initially for a free website review, and decided to go further and collaborate with me to improve her businesses existing Squarespace site.  Goals were to make the site more cohesive, incorporate a new color scheme, and build out the pages of the website to include more information in easy-to-digest sections with lots of images and flow.

We updated the black/white/grey color palette to include warm and welcoming colors that complemented the turquoise and lime of her existing logo.  Custom designed icons and graphics added a fun yet professional feel to the site.

Working within the existing Squarespace template that Bedford Acupuncture was already using, we developed new sections to showcase the variety of services offered that go beyond acupuncture to really position Bedford Acupuncture as a well rounded holistic wellness destination.