Shopify recently released a brand new, FREE app specifically designed for selling on social media.  This new Shopify app is called Linkpop and it creates a shoppable Link in Bio for your Instagram or Tiktok profiles.
Linkpop Shopify App for Instagram and Tik Tok Shoppable Links | KS Creative Design Studio Linkpop by Shopify is perfect for content creators and merchants and allows you to list up to 200 products or links that customers can engage with and purchase directly from your Instagram or TikTok bio.  It’s powered by Shopify, so you can count on a secure, fast shopping experience that customers will find super easy to engage with.

If you have a Shopify store, you can add the Linkpop app and begin populating your Linkpop page with your products, but also websites, blog articles, videos and playlists.  Your Shopify store will be synced to your Linkpop page so that all your product details will be right there for your customer to see.

Setting up your Linkpop Account

As a Shopify store owner, you can get your Linkpop account set up in just a few easy steps:

1.  Set up your LinkPop Profile


Setting up your Linkpop profile settings |  KS Creative Design Studio

Make it on brand!  Change up your font and colors to align with your brand aesthetics for a cohesive look.  Choose your Linkpop URL and add your profile picture – which could be your business logo.  Tip: Make your Linkpop profile photo the same as your social media profile pic for consistency.

Don’t forget to hit “publish” once you’re done to save your profile information.


2.  Add your Social Channels


Add social media channels to Linkpop | Kate Secondo Creative Design Studio

For each social media section that you populate, an icon will be created to link to that channel on your Linkpop page.


3.  Use the Links Tab

Check out this gorgeous example of a well designed links section.  This brand has links to their Store, Newsletter sign up, Press, Brand Story, Retail Locations, and Contact.

Sample LinkPop Page Setup | KS Creative Design Studio | Shopify Web Design Tips

I would recommend adding a link to your Shopify store even though you will also have an icon for it on your Linkpop page.  Other links to add here can be Collections, Blog Posts, New Releases, Reviews, About the business, Press coverage, the sky is the limit!  Use this space to provide easy access for your visitors to learn more about your brand.


4.  Add Product Links

I would definitely not recommend adding every single product to your Linkpop page!  Consider adding your top sellers, seasonal products, or a product you’ve recently posted about on your social media.

Shopify Web Design Tips | Linkpop Shopify App Shoppable Links Page

I really like the setup of this brand’s Linkpop page.  They start with 1 Product, then a few links, then a few more products to mix it up a bit!


Once your shoppable link in bio page is set up with Linkpop, you can keep track on what people are clicking on and purchasing the most with Linkpop’s robust analytics dashboard.  You can see how many people are coming to your bio, what links are being clicked most, and the average amount of clicks per visit.  In my opinion, this is where Linkpop stands out from competitors like Linktree, because they offer all of this data for free as part of their service.

Have fun setting up your Linkpop and designing it to be on-brand and a fun experience for your visitors to learn more about your business and shop with you!