Female Shopify Developers Collaborating on Design

 Raise your hand if you have spent wayyyyy too many hours going down a YouTube Rabbit hole trying to figure out how to update your Shopify theme design or add in some new functionality to your ecommerce store.  How did that work out for you?  Maybe you got the “thing” figured out eventually, but at what cost to your precious free time?  Or even worse, maybe you spent all weekend watching tutorials but still wound up frustrated and unable to update your Shopify store.  As entrepreneurs, our time is so valuable and chances are, you’d rather be working on your business in the ways that your creative genius shines, or using your weekend to do…weekendy-things instead of being tied to your computer.

This is exactly what I designed my Shopify VIP Design Day service for.  As a Shopify expert, I can help you tick off your tasks, make design updates, add apps and functionality, add new products to your Shopify store and so much more (one of my clients has even had me write her blog entries & emails during our Design Days!!).

When you hire me for a Half Day or Full Day Shopify Design Day, you can rest easy knowing your tasks will be taken care of on your existing Shopify store.

First, we collaborate on exactly what you need done on your website during our 4 or 8 hour Design Day.  We’ll make a list of “Must-Do” items, as well as a few “Nice-to-Haves” that I can get to if time allows.  We prepare for our day together by gathering any copy and assets needed, and then on our decided on day, I get to work updating your Shopify store exactly to your specifications.  I can get a LOT done in our time together!

When the Shopify Design Day is done, you have me for 7 days to answer questions and provide support.  Additionally, you are entitled to 1 hour of revisions if needed.

You will be fully supported before, during and after our Design Day and I guarantee you will feel a huge sense of relief having your Shopify to-do’s ticked off by a professional.

What Tasks can we Complete during a Shopify Design Day?

Shopify Landing Page for New Store Setup

The beauty of a Shopify Design Day is that it’s a VIP experience that is completely tailored to your ecommerce business needs.  Some of the tasks I have completed during a Design Day include:

    • Adding new products or collections
    • Refreshing the home page
    • Updating from Shopify 1.0 to Shopify 2.0
    • Creating an email series 
    • Updating SEO for products and pages
    • Adding a new page
    • Adding blog entries
    • Integrating sales channels such as Google Shopping
    • Inventory syncing and management
    • Creating custom illustrations or icons
    • Migrating data from another platform such as Etsy or Amazon
    • Updating testimonials and reviews

And so much more!  Each project is truly unique, but these are some of the most commonly requested service items that my clients request.

Who is a Shopify Design Day Ideal for?

Mood Board inspiration for Ecommerce Shopify Store

The majority of clients who sign up for a Shopify Design Day are seeking help with their Shopify Store because they just don’t have the time to do it themselves.  They know that what I can do in 8 hours is immense and they value their own time.

Other clients may have the time, but just really don’t have the desire to complete these tasks.  I work with so many artistic makers who would rather do pretty much ANYTHING than be stuck at a computer for a day.  To them, having me make updates and improvements to their Shopify store allows them to stay off the computer and in their creative zone of genius, and that’s reason enough!

Another way some clients use their Shopify Design Day is to learn from me so they DIY their Shopify updates next time.  We can do Shopify training via Zoom together if that’s your fancy, or I can create short video tutorials on any Shopify topic, using your actual store so the videos are completely tailored to your business.

You don’t need to manage your Shopify store all on your own

Shopify Web Design for Female Founders

I’m here to help and support Shopify Merchants with existing stores who have an idea they want to implement, or just need some help updating products and pages.  I’d love to help you with your Shopify store – so next time your to-do list seems overwhelming or you find yourself heading over to YouTube to try and learn how to edit the code in your Shopify theme, consider the value of your time and collaborate with me on improving and updating your Shopify store.

I’m obsessed with leveraging Shopify so small businesses can succeed and grow while experiencing ease in their day-to-day- business life.  It’s important to me to not only make things more beautiful when I work on a web design, but also easier for my client so they can live a more abundant life doing the things they enjoy most.

I’d love to hear from you!

Are you Ready to Grow with Shopify?

From design help on an existing Shopify store to building out a gorgeous brand new ecommerce site, I’m here to help you reach your business goals with Shopify.  Get in touch via my Contact Form to schedule a Discovery Call with me!