Year End Business Reflection Questions for Entrepreneurs

Happy New Year!  Out with 2022 and here comes 2023!  Today I’m shring some year end business reflection questions. It’s ok if you haven’t set and 2023 resolutions or New Year Business Goals yet – astrologically it’s not a great time for that right now anyways with Mercury and Mars both in retrograde.

As female entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s a great idea to use these first few weeks of 2023 to look back for a minute before charging forward into the new year.  The new year is a time for pondering and journaling responses to reflective prompts (like the ones I share in this post!) and then really sitting with them and looking for patterns and themes within your 2022 reflections.

Once you can confidently distill your 2022 business reflections down into one juicy sentence that encapsulates what 2022 was for your business, you’ll know you are now ready to take what you have learned and start setting your business goals for 2023.

Here are my favorite reflection prompts for small business owners:

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Business Wins:

What was your greatest accomplishment?

What new skills did you learn?

What project did you enjoy the most and why?

What’s something you are more confident in this year compared to last year?

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Business Fails:

What did you spend too much time/energy on?

What disappointed you last year?

What do you want to do less of?

Who was your worst client?

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Business Process:

Which projects were BOTH enjoyable and profitable and what made them so?

Which projects took more time/more/resources that you were expecting and why?

What parts of business feel easy and organized?  What feels stressful and disorganized?

What parts of your business did clients find confusing?

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Community:

Who were your biggest supporters?

How did you support others?

What collaborations were successful and what made them so?

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Analytics:

How did customers find you?

Did you meet your revenue goals (monthly/season/yearly) – and are there patterns of slow vs busy seasons?

How did your business spending impact your goals?

What was your best and worst investment?

Year End Business Reflection Questions – Growth:

How are you different from last year?

Did your work align with your business mission and values?

What surprised you this year?

Using your Year end Reflections for New Year Growth

Really take your time to answer these year end reflection questions about your business.  Resist the urge to judge or get emotional about the responses that come up.  Your job when reflecting is to simply take note, to notice.

See if you can use your responses to craft an epic, one sentence summary of your business year in review.  This practice will help you distill down to what’s most important from your reflections on your business year.

Then, it’s time to set your business goals for 2023!  Use what you’ve learned from your reflections.  What do you want to tend to more and nurture?  What can you let go of?  Remember, the new year is really a continuation of what is already happening.  What will you continue with and what will you leave behind?

Cheers to 2023!  Good Things ahead.